Hypnotherapist in Southampton and Surrounding Areas

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  • Spiders
  • Dogs
  • Flying
  • Small spaces
  • Open spaces
  • Water
  • And many more

The definition of a phobia is that it is “An irrational fear” but to the people who have one, it is far from irrational.

To them it is real and can be life changing, or at the very least life hampering.

All phobias have an initial cause which you may or may not realise; hypnotherapy is a quick and simple method for finding these causes then, eliminating your phobias.

Various techniques are available, to suit your personal needs, e.g. a de-sensitization technique or life regression to the event that first caused the phobia to start.

After this session you will be better prepared to handle your phobia, and by continuing to use the techniques you will be shown, live your life the way you want too.

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